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Stop Drinking the ROI Kool-Aid


Who doesn't want a measure of the effort and resources employed to achieve a desired outcome? I think it's safe to say we all want that and that's probably why the term ROI is thrown around so...

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Incentive Program Does More Than Boost Sales

Unexpected Outcome...

A Real Lifeline

"What you did here was to save a man’s life and provided our company with an opportunity to do that.” ~Incentive ROI Client

Many companies understand the...

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Client Stories: Incentive Program Budget Success and Failure

One would think that how you budget for your incentive program wouldn't really impact its effectiveness, but it does! See how one company succeeded and another failed, all based on their budgeting...

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Top 5 Incentive Program Budget Mistakes

If you view your incentive program as a cost, it will really cost you. Instead view it as an investment to increase net profits.

If you choose awards first and then budget for them, your incentive...

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Have You Lost that Loving Feeling with Your Business?

As a business financial coach, I’ve heard numerous business owners say, “If I knew what I was getting into a couple of years ago starting my business, I would have never done it…” And with such a...

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What is Profit?

Apparently in the world of business there is no hard and fast answer to the profit question or definition. I know what it means both literally and figuratively, do you?

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Your Financial Growth Multi-point Inspection

Have you ever gone to purchase a used car, or heard the commercials that proudly announce a 150-point inspection. Why? These inspections give the potential consumer a peace of mind that the...

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Get off the cash flow roller coaster before your business goes off the rails

“Predictability around the cash in business is the key to Independence and Freedom” ~ Lisa Humphrey

While a roller coaster ride can be a thrill and a rush of excitement, you definitely don’t...

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3 Small Business Cash Flow Management Tactics

Cash flow management in small business has been compared many times as a roller coaster. Many small business owners talk about this “feast or famine” or “cash flow roller coaster” when it comes to...

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