Incentive Program Performance Discovery Session

The Key to a successful incentive program is in the Rules Structure? 

The first step to bridging the ROI gap in your incent program is evaluating your most recent completed program.

Our Incentive Program Performance Evaluation begins with with a detailed analysis of your existing program and provides the best next steps to ensure "True ROI" from your incentive program. 

Our evaluation provides:

  • A detailed analysis of the total effectiveness of your incentive program on both the incentive and non-incentive targeted areas of your business.
  • A detailed analysis of your rules structure relative to business objectives and the behavior changes necesarry to achieve them. 
  • Specific recommendations that will maximize participation from non-incentive program departments and participants. 
  • Suggested measures to determine financial and non-financial results of your incentive program.
  • Strategies for implementing best practices for ROI budget planning and implementation for your incentive program.

The  single greatest fault with incentive programs is their lack of quantifiable results. ROI Incentive Programs trace the impact of your program, based on your business objectives, to Bottom-LIine Profit.